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Thursday, April 17, 2008

This one's for you, Zephyr!

Letters! Letters from fans! They love me, as you can see in this e-mail that came in today. This is the best message that I've received this decade.


We came across your "i.b. phoolen" blog and appreciate the informative content you have there.

We have just launched Zephyr which is a next generation Test Management System and wanted to introduce you to it by providing an exclusive look. Here's a live demo link – – and there you'll be able to interact with the system anytime. We've loaded it with sample data to facilitate any product reviews. You'll find other assets (screenshots etc.) on the Media section of our main website –

Zephyr is a slick, feature rich and affordable Test Management System aimed at global SME, IT Departments and Testing Vendors. It brings a whole bunch of innovation in a space that has lacked it for the longest time. We'd like to draw your attention particularly to our customized Testing Desktops, real time Collaboration and Live Reporting via slick Dashboards as well as a host of Web 2.0 features.

We are test engineers ourselves and have designed and built Zephyr based on multiple years of real world experience. Your feedback or a mention on your blog would be very interesting to your readership while being a source of encouragement to us.

Sean Stewart

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